Join our awesome team.

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning because you hate your current job? Are you a superstar developer? Do you love creating high-end digital work that wins awards and eats mediocrity for breakfast? Then pick up the phone, otherwise we will never meet you and your life will continue to suck. 

Hi! We are Superhero Cheesecake

We’re on a mission to create the coolest shit out there for brands that matter. We have unmatched high standards, impeccable attention to detail, and work at the cutting edge of digital technology with some of the world’s leading agencies and brands. 

Our A Team

Sorry to disappoint, but as you might have guessed, we’re not bakers. That being said, we still get busy in the kitchen cooking up the tastiest digital delights with the best chefs in town. We are one big international family of crafters, dreamers, and Fifa fanatics, and boredom is a foreign concept to us. 

Our Culture

At Superhero Cheesecake our culture is very open. We want our staff to lose their inhibitions and come to work 100% themselves. Support and inclusivity goes without saying. 

🍺 Work Hard - Play Hard! Whether it’s a one way trip to the Aussie South Banks or a French ‘Fete de Village’, we have a themed party organised by members of the team every month. 

😎 Annual Company Trips Because keeping our family culture is everything to us, we also organise a yearly company trip, but *shhh* the destination is a secret!

🔪 Healthy Daily Lunch Catering. We have an awesome caterer who delivers fresh lunch to us every day and for all types of diets. We’re also proud to say its not always Dutch food! 

🚣‍♀️ Travel Reimbursement If walking, cycling, or rowing aren’t your thing, we have you covered with an NS business card to cover your travel expenses (and help you find your way to the office).

🚀 Career Growth We don’t just eat, party, and drink. We also want to make space for you to advance your career and achieve your ambitions.

🛋️ Flexible working space If you want to sit next to the fish one day and in the game room the next day, be our guest. You are free to go where the wind takes you.

🏖️ Annual Leaves Fair enough, we understand you might get sick of us sometimes. You’re entitled to enjoy your 24 days and 6 bank holidays however suits you best.

👴🏽 Pension Plan We all grow old one day, and when you do we’ve got you covered. With our pension arrangement you don’t need to worry about how you’ll afford that stair lift.